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The Apple iPad comes in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB variations. The Surface comes in either 32GB or 64GB, with the option to expand memory up to 64GB through a micro SD slot at the back of the device.


The iPad 4 uses the same lightning dock 8-pin connector that is now available on the iPhone 5 which replaced the original 30-pin connector. This sadly means all the accessories you had for your iPad 3 or earlier will no longer fit the new iPad 4. Bad for the user but good for the cash registers of Apple as you go out and purchase replacement accessories this Xmas.

The MS Surface offers a micro HDMI connector multimedia. Both devices are WiFi enabled and ship with Bluetooth however the MS Surface doesn’t offer any cellular (mobile) access. The iPad on the other hand has an optional extra to provide 3G, and now 4G, on contract with most network carriers and operators.