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Summing it all up

We think the Surface sounds great. It closely matches the iPad 4 in specification and will defiantly give Apple the competition it deserves. Of course battery life is a little disappointing as it not having a 3G/4G option but I suspect it will not be long before those options are made available.

The iPad 4 will probably win over those wanting a superior entertainment tablet with longer battery life and better display. But the Surface looks great for work and play. The Surface offers a more affordable price tag which, after just coming out of a recession and this close to Christmas, might just make this piece of kit more appealing.

Now let’s not forget that this market-space also sees Google Android-based tablet devices. With the Google Nexus 10 ready to ship on the 13th November the competition for top-dog tablet is still wide open and these next few months will be 'game on' for the respective marketing departments.

So what do you think?

Will you be buying a Microsoft Surface tablet, or will you be camping out at the nearest Apple Store for the iPad 4, or maybe you’re an Android fan and you’re simply counting down the days to get your hands on the new Nexus?

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